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My Experiences

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My name is Fatin Bundagji, I am a Certified Business and Management Consultant and a Certified Positive Psychology Coach specializing in the Science of Happiness and Flourishing.
I have dedicated my whole life to empowering women, youths and communities to tap into their potential and to excel in their personal and professional lives. I did so through signature business startup and employability skills training programs that I developed, initiated and launched at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In 1998, I was appointed to establish the first women’s department in the JCCI - a position that was the first of its kind for Saudi women in The Chambers of Commerce across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
During my tenure, I founded and headed six departments to empower women in the workforce, women in management and women in business startups. My initiatives spearheaded the integration of women in the organization in the years to come.  I was secretary general to the first business women’s committee that led to the establishment of the first business women’s center at the Jeddah Chamber. 
I was actively involved in several internal committees for the institutional advancement and the governance of the Chamber. My areas of expertise and my passion lay in organizational development, good governance, corporate citizenship, youth and women’s advancement and community development - all of which I discussed in detail in my former op-ed columns in Arab News Daily.


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While a member of the JCCI, I founded civic activation initiatives as a community leader; I was a key player in bringing creating awareness for women’s political empowerment during the 2005 landmark municipal council elections. In 2004 I was the first woman in the Western Region to announce my desire to run for elections. In 2009, I co-founded the Baladi Initiative that advocated for the rights of women to leadership positions in public office. I am a co-founder of MUWATANA a group that advocated for the beautification of our city, Jeddah and for the rights of pedestrians in having open spaces for recreation and leisure.  All of these projects engaged youths in their implementation and was key in bridging the widening generational gap.  Muwatana Initiative was instrumental in catalyzing the emergency relief efforts of the Jeddah floods of 2009 and 2011.
It was my highest intention to engage the Saudi community to be empowered, which is defined as
• Confident – from learning
• Inclusive – because of equality
• Organised – from encouraged participation
• Co-operative – in response to cooperation 




My consultancy Think N Link cooperation is supported by the Business and Management Consultant Certification gained from the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. [Needs more detail about what TLC values and impact was]
The impact of my work along the years has inspired my clients to take charge of their personal and professional destinies thereby enabling them to live a balanced and rewarding life sparked by intention, purpose, and economic satisfaction.
Now, I continue to empower women, youths, and communities through custom designed individual coaching sessions as well as content development for my coaching workshops.
I am deeply inspired to witness the transformation that my clients experience as they shift from a victim mindset filled with overwhelm and limitations - to owning their destiny and daring to design a life filled with options and possibilities they didn’t know existed. 

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