My Life Transitions Stages

Ever since I remember, in all of the 60 years that I have been blessed with in this lifetime, my life  has had its share of personal and professional transitions resembling the thrilling journey of an amazing roller coaster ride.

Stage 1

By the time I was 10, I was   living between 2 countries, without parents yet loved and cared for by 2 exceptional aunts and uncles - as well as an extended family that was rich with cousins and friends. 


At 11 I set off to continue my education in a boarding school in Europe to return 6 years later.


At 18, I got to meet my father for the first time, and was introduced to my precious 6 siblings


At 18, I got married the old fashion “arranged marriage” way and at 21 I became a full-time mom and homemaker

Stage 2

At 18, I got married the old fashion “arranged marriage” way and at 21 I became a full-time mom and homemaker




At 25, I started my home based business and by the time I turned 29, I decided to go back to University and earn both a  Bachelors and a Masters of Arts Degrees.  By this time I though that my future would be in academia, working side by side with young minds… Little did I know that Fate had a different plan….



At 30 I saw my birth mother for the very first time

Stage 3

In 1990 at the age of 39, I was appointed to become the first female to be hired by a high profile semi-governmental institution; The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce was to be the 1st Job of my life at the age of 39


Reflecting back on my journey, I know now that all of my past stages where nothing more than the slow and steady grip of my life’s “roller coaster” gravitating towards its tipping peak

Stage 4

At 42 I started writing an op-ed on development issues in Arab News Daily


At 46 I was among 3 women in Saudi Arabia to nominate themselves for the Landmark Municipal Elections of 2004


At the same time, I co-founded BALADY, a women’s civic engagement group that called for women’s inclusion in municipal elections.


And at 47 I co-founded MUWATANA a civic engagement group that called for the rights of citizens for recreational open spaces. 


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